Hello and welcome to the Firwood Magic website!

This is a place to have fun and learn more about the magical adventures and whimsical characters of the Firwood books.
Firwood Magic is all about fun, fantasy and adventure, and is best suited to the 7-10 year age group.

The four books in the series are:-

Firwood the Magic Garden     

The Cat, the Dragon and the Moonbeam

A Magic Maze, an Amazing Place 

More Adventures in the Magic Garden (published 2015). 





More books are on their way!

The books follow three children - Holly, Victoria and Tom - who are thrilled to find that their very own cat Monty is the guardian of a magic garden! Join the children in a rollercoaster world of fun and adventure. Meet Monty, the angry Greenlings, Sooty the little black poodle, and the tiny stick people who live in the trees.  

Find out how the children become friends with the magnificent green dragon, carry out a daring rescue, and battle the evil Thworgs who want to steal the magical moon-piece.

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Happy Reading!

Lynne Armstrong-Hobbs